New Trader Joe's snack Bamba could offer hope for people with peanut allergies

Saturday, 11 November 2017, 11:22:38 PM. Plus, it's delicious.
Share Culture Bamba trader joe's Food Israel Peanut Allergies snacks Trader Joe’s is now selling Bamba, an Israeli snack that is long overdue for a triumphant entrance into the mainstream U.S. market.  Bamba is “crunchy, airy, peanutty and highly craveable—kind of like a cheese puff without the cheese,” Trader Joe’s said in its announcement in late October. The snack is made with just four ingredients, TJ's explained: Corn grits are popped under high pressure and then cut and air-baked, and then they're transferred to rotating drums to be coated with hot liquid peanut butter made of peanut paste, palm oil and salt. The end product is not quite as crispy as a standard cheese puff. When you bite into Bamba, there’s just a momentary and subtle crunch before it dissolves and sends a blissful infusion of peanut butter to every taste bud. Considering America’s obsession with peanut butter, it’s surprising Bamba isn’t already as popular here as it is in Israel where it's the top-selling snack. Ninety percent of families purchase it on a regular basis. No snack in the U.S. is nearly as iconic or dominant. Until recently, Bamba could be found on Amazon and other online retailers as well as a handful of kosher, Jewish or Israeli shops and the occasional supermarket (like Shoprite). But Trader Joe’s decision to stock its shelves with “Bamba Peanut Snacks” could mean America is about to meet and fall in love with Bamba in a big way. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now ...Read more
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