Nintendo is having an amazing year

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 04:32:16 AM. From the Switch and Zelda to Metroid and Mario, the company is firing on all cylinders
In March, Nintendo released quite possibly the best entry yet in its revered Legend of Zelda series. This week, the iconic Metroid returns with an excellent new title on the 3DS, while an inventive new Super Mario is coming in October. That’s three of the company’s biggest franchises, all in the same year. (Oh, and Nintendo also released a brilliant new piece of hardware with the Switch console / tablet as well.) In virtually every area it operates in — hardware, software, even expanding to new platforms like mobile — Nintendo has seen success this year. With the Wii U cast aside, Nintendo seems revitalized. Of course, the most notable release from Nintendo this year is the Switch. After the abject failure that was the Wii U — a console that sold about a tenth of what its predecessor did — the Switch has breathed new life into the company. It became Nintendo’s fastest-selling console ever, has moved close to 5 million units since its debut in March, and still remains difficult to find around the world. More than just numbers, though, the Switch also gave Nintendo its identity back. Whereas the Wii U was a confusing machine that few fans latched on to, the Switch makes immediate sense. Its flexible nature, letting users play games both on the go and in their living rooms, has helped Nintendo re-carve out its place in the gaming landscape. Like the original Wii, the Switch doesn’t directly compete with offerings from Microsoft and Sony. Instead, it goes in a completely...Read more
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