Recasting Kevin Spacey, Just Weeks Before a Film Release

Sunday, 12 November 2017, 12:14:01 AM. The disgraced actor's scenes in the upcoming Ridley Scott movie 'All the Money in the World' will be completely reshot with Christopher Plummer.
Usually, when a film goes through last-minute reshoots, it’s to remove a location, or a specific set piece—like how Spider-Man removed an action scene involving the World Trade Center post–9/11, or how Gangster Squad spent weeks changing a gun battle set inside a movie theater because of the 2012 Aurora shooting. But with his film All the Money in the World, Ridley Scott is excising a person: The director is spending millions of dollars (of the studio Sony’s money) to totally cut out Kevin Spacey, the subject of many sexual-assault allegations who has seen his vaunted reputation obliterated in recent weeks. The performer, who had a supporting role, will be replaced by the Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer. Spacey’s rapid downfall came after the actor Anthony Rapp accused him, in a story for BuzzFeed, of making a sexual advance toward him in 1986, when Rapp was 14. Several others (some anonymous) have come forward with similar tales of predatory behavior, while eight House of Cards staff members told CNN about Spacey allegedly groping and harassing people on set. House of Cards has already suspended production on its sixth season and fired Spacey. Producers are now considering whether to kill off his character and hand the show over to his co-star Robin Wright, with a Variety story noting 300 cast and crew members would lose their jobs should the series come to a sudden end. Sony and Scott are adopting a similar line of thinking with All the Money in the World, a true-crime...Read more
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