12 city neighborhoods meet 12 female photographers

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 05:34:39 AM. Women In Focus Chicago has a Jackson Junge gallery show comprised of the work of 12 female photographers who spent a year shooting in 12 city neighborhoods, part of “In the ‘Hood.”
Not so very long ago, cameras were cameras and phones were just phones. The democratization of photography now allows anyone with a phone to travel around with what amounts to a personal photo gallery in their pocket, able at any moment to proudly and enthusiastically show friends or strangers their spontaneously shot photos of cute kittens, autumn leaves or plates of whatever it was they ate for dinner last night. But many people still use cameras and shoot with purpose, and some of that sort of work is on the walls of the Jackson Junge Gallery at 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave. (), where it will stay (and perhaps dazzle, provoke and prompt conversations) through Jan. 14. The photos, taken over one year by a dozen female photographers in a dozen of the city’s neighborhoods, are part of the Chicago Neighborhoods Project, which in turn is part of a larger Jackson Junge venture called In the ’Hood. This is an ongoing mission intended to present, as the gallery folks put it, “a visual representation of Chicago’s physical and cultural vastness … in the form of an array of media from photography and painting to sculpture and works on paper.” Initially meant to showcase the gallery’s neighborhood, which is lively and colorful Wicker Park, it expands with this show thanks to the efforts of Women in Focus. This outfit was founded in 2013 by Tiffany Weems and Karen Egerer in partnership with the Chicago Photography Center. When that latter institution ceased to exist, WIF () carried on with...Read more
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