Escorts, filmmaking, and ‘Stranger Things’ secrets with actress Amy Seimetz

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By   You may recognize Seimetz from her role as Becky Ives, Eleven’s estranged Aunt who holds the camera’s focus easily in her brief yet effective arcs across the show’s two seasons. But apart from her role there, Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan also write and direct every episode of Starz series The Girlfriend Experience, a critically acclaimed, serialized reboot of the Steven Soderbergh film of the same name about the life of high-end escorts in Chicago. The professional hedonism of the infamous midwest city depicted by that show is a long way from the supernatural happenings of Stranger Things‘ Hawkins, Indiana, but Seimetz is an artist with many talents. Fresh off the world premiere of Stranger Things 2, Seimetz spoke with Digital Trends about how her experiences on the Netflix mega hit, musings on the show’s upcoming third season, and how season 2 of The Girlfriend Experience will shake up TV conventions. Digital Trends: How did you first get involved with Stranger Things? Did you have any idea it would become such a phenomenon? No, that’s what was so fun about doing it. The Duffer brothers had seen me in a few movies, and were big fans of Upstream Color, which I had acted in. Then the casting director was like, “Oh, I know her.” She happened to cast my show as well … so when they brought my name up, she was like “Oh, I can talk to her and see if she would do it.” Honestly, that’s kind of my favorite part to play is the supporting role. One, I don’t have very much time....Read more
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