Finally we're seeing more Middle Eastern faces on our TVs

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 08:00:57 AM. There are more people of Middle Eastern heritage on Australian commercial TV than ever before — in drama, cooking, and reality shows.
Photo: We're starting to see more Australians from culturally diverse backgrounds on our television screens. (Nine Network) I have recently started watching Gogglebox, an immensely humorous reality television show on Channel 10 (and Fox's LifeStyle Channel), where you watch families watch television. I must admit my initial interest in the show, already in its sixth season, was motivated by self-interest. My youngest brother Matthew (AKA Matty) along with my soon-to-be sister-in-law Sarah Marie and their best friend Jad, are the new "family". The trio of Lebanese heritage were chosen to "increase the show's diversity" by "adding a Middle-East flavour" to the Logie award-winning series. External Link: Instagram: Gogglebox Watching TV in the 1970s, 80s and 90s highlighted what I already understood from the school playground: "Lebs", or "wogs" more generally, were too different and too dark in appearance to be "real" Australians. Appearance was not the only factor. Our "foreign" food and cultural rituals were made stranger by their invisibility outside of our domestic sphere. We certainly did not encounter non-Anglo actors eating humus in soapies such as Neighbours and Home Away (we still don't). To make matters worse, when we were visible it was in negative news stories portraying the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990), or local crime stories on gang rape, drive-by shootings or drug syndicates. While these negative portrayals persist in the name of national security and the...Read more
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