Iconic Tasmanian music store celebrates 80 years

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 08:08:17 AM. Barratts Music has been in Launceston since 1937, and it is still owned by the same family.
Photo: Mark Barratt says there was no pressure on him to take on the music store as a manager. (ABC Northern Tasmania: Fred Hooper) Barratts Music has been in Launceston since 1937 and it is still owned by the same family, who are hopeful it might stay in the family for a fifth generation. Mark Barratt has been the current owner since 1991, and said there had been "very little" expectation on him to take over the iconic family business. "My father said, you do what you want to do with your life, the business is there if you want it, if you don't want it someone else will buy it," he said. "I really appreciated that growing up and I did go off and do some other things before I came here." When the time was right After about eight years of working in manufacturing, Mr Barratt's work situation changed and he decided it was time to taste life within the family business. The store was started by James Barratt in 1937, followed by three generations of the family in Cyril, Rob and now Mr Barratt. Photo: Barratts music has been at the current location since 1937. (Supplied) One of the current employees, Cheryl Masters, has worked in the store since 1974. "When I first started, the popular instrument of the day was a chord organ," she said. "That was the popular instrument. There was none of the electronic keyboards or anything like that. "Guitars were big but probably not as big as they are today. Certainly they go in trends." Photo: Well-known visitors to the store have left...Read more
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