Molly’s bizarre Logie speech cuts Sam off

Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 09:18:02 AM. SAMUEL Johnson had won the Gold Logie for his role in the hit TV series, Molly.
But it was Molly Meldrum’s strange interruption of his acceptance speech that had viewers confused. The actor began his speech with tears in his eyes, and explained he grew up as an “outlier”. “I was a very spirited, confused kid with a colourful background ... but I found my home here in the arts,” he said. ‘In all seriousness, you have given me such wonderful shelter, I feel indebted. I want to say thank you,’ he said. The actor then went on to thank his family, but before he could utter much more he was joined onstage by Meldrum, the man who Johnson played in the acclaimed Channel Seven telemovie. Meldrum launched into a long and expletive-ridden speech as Johnson stood behind him. Johnson looked bemused as Meldrum told a long drawn-out tale, which was difficult to decipher beyond certain disjointed phrases. Throughout the speech, Meldrum seemed to be reflecting on his long career and how Johnson came to playing him in a movie. But the difficult to understand rant went off on tangents. At one point the word “tits” was muttered several times, but it was unclear what Meldrum was referring to. He also dropped the F-bomb several times and a cry came from the audience. “We love you, Molly,” yelled the woman. Dave Hughes attempted to escort Molly off stage, but the Countdown host waved Hughes away. Finally, after continuing for several minutes, he was walked offstage by Hughes. Samuel Johnson wins the Gold Logie at the 2017 Logies.Source:Channel 9 His incredible win comes after...Read more
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