My worst moment: Ally Walker on tippling and acting

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 05:37:39 AM. 'Ghosted' co-star Ally Walker talks about the perils of a celebratory drink before taking the stage.
“I sat next to Clive Davis on a plane once and I didn’t know who he was,” said Ally Walker, recalling an awkward moment early in her career when she remembers “telling him all about myself and my dreams and then I said to him, ‘So what do you do?’ And he just looked and me like, ‘Really?’ and said, ‘Well, I’m in the music industry …’ ” When Walker herself is recognized, she gets a lot of “Didn’t we go to high school together?” Likely not. But if you studied biochemistry at UC Santa Cruz (as Walker did) the answer might be closer to maybe. “I’m one of those people that you know, but you’re not quite sure how you know me,” she said. Walker’s credits include everything from “Universal Soldier” to “The Profiler” (where she would meet future husband, FX CEO John Landgraf) to her current gig on the running a secret government bureau where she manages a team of knucklehead paranormal investigators played by and Adam Scott. “My deadpan’s gotten pretty good,” she said. When asked about other ignominious moments in her career, Walker mentioned not long after giving birth to her first child in 1997. “I was wearing a suit but I still had some baby weight and they got me my old size and the pants split up the entire backside right before I went on. I was like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ and the producers were like, ‘C’mon, you’re on!’ They couldn’t do anything. The entire seam was split. That was awful.” But perhaps nothing has matched a moment of panic she experienced several years ago while on stage. My...Read more
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