Podcasts are eager to go prime time

Friday, 06 October 2017, 05:09:28 PM. Podcasts are making the leap to the mainstream entertainment mediums, are any Chicago podcasts ready to make the leap?

“Lore,” “2 Dope Queens,” “Homecoming” and “Alex Inc.”

What do these things have in common? They are podcasts that are getting the Hollywood treatment. “,” a podcast focused on the real truths behind horror legends, will be streaming on Amazon Oct. 13 with executive producers from “The Walking Dead” and “The X-Files” behind it. “” — a WNYC podcast hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson that spotlights comedians of color, women and those of the LGBTQ community — will have episodes on HBO. And “,” a podcast that centers on a fictional caseworker at a secret government facility, is following suit from Gimlet Media, a podcast network whose StartUp podcast is the premise of ABC’s upcoming “” show starring Zach Braff.

In other words, podcasts are getting the attention of more mainstream venues.

“A lot of the younger, newer TV shows do seem to be coming from YouTube webisodes and podcasts — almost as if the people that are higher up don’t know how to create shows,” said Jonathan Pitts, executive producer of the , happening this week through Sunday. “Here are artists that are already creating shows and you can tell by listening to it or watching it whether or not you like it and whether or not you think there’s a show and you can also see by the amount of following they have, if there’s other people that agree with them.”

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