This legendary spot is an amazing place to see a concert -- why is it so underused? (PHOTOS)

Wednesday, 08 November 2017, 11:55:40 PM. The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theater is opulent beyond belief. Then why is it always quiet?
JERSEY CITY -- Most nights of the year, the Landmark Loew's Jersey Theater -- New Jersey's hallowed altar of motion pictures -- sits quietly in Jersey City's Journal Square, looming as a relic of a bygone entertainment era. The statue of St. George carved atop the opulent hall remains motionless, as does the stone dragon he once battled every hour on the hour, keeping time for the day's train commuters.  These days, a few dozen movie buffs intermittently gather inside the grand space, opened in 1929, to view classic films. They are dwarfed by the lobby's crystal chandelier, watched over by the same cherubs and walls of golden filigree that in 1934 witnessed a teenage Frank Sinatra sitting in the crowd, alongside 3,000 others who came to see Bing Crosby perform live on stage. The story goes that Sinatra was so mesmerized by this show that he decided that night to pursue singing as his profession.  While Monday night's booking of Australian indie-rock darling Courtney Barnett and Philadelphia slow-groover Kurt Vile was not likely to prove quite so momentous, it was still a rare full house for the weathered hall, one of only a handful of concerts the building now hosts annually, and a true "show night" where the Landmark Loew's could again flash its jewels and widen eyes long before the music began.  Outside the Landmark Loew's Jersey Theater in Jersey City, where Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile performed Monday, Nov. 6, 2017. Mark Brown | For   Many fans entered with...Read more
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