This translucent Japanese speaker displays animated lyrics

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 04:30:58 AM. Music to our ears... and eyes
Japanese company COTODAMA recently made its visual lyric speaker available in the US, and the device features translucent screens that display a song’s lyrics as it plays. COTODAMA says it’s “the first lyrical listening speaker available to the public.” First released in Japan last year, the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker features slick, minimal-looking housing made of translucent TFT LCD panels sandwiched between acrylic. There are two speakers on the front with a volume knob, and a circular disc on the back that holds the computer generating the displayed lyrics and graphics. Handmade in Japan, only 15 COTODAMA speakers are produced each month. When music plays on the speaker, the back panel turns a milky white, and the front displays animated lyrics. The speaker’s technology is linked with SyncPower Corporation (PetitLyrics), Japan’s largest lyrics database. Once it recognizes a song, it analyzes the mood and its “expression engine” chooses fonts and animations accordingly. A slow love song, for example, might be interpreted with a delicate font that drifts across the speaker. If no lyrics are found, or an instrumental song is played, the speaker shows abstract graphics that animate in sync with the music. Regardless of what it shows, the overall effect is modern, eye-popping, and just plain cool. Naturally, the speaker has an app to control it, which strangely only supports Wi-Fi and not Bluetooth. Since this isn’t something you’d likely be carting around, it’s not a big deal...Read more
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