What does real sex look like? These sites want to show you

Thursday, 09 November 2017, 06:59:28 PM. Will knowing about the vulnerable, awkward sides of sex actually make you better at it? These sites think so.
Editors' note: This story is part of our Turned On special report exploring the intersection of sex and technology. It contains sexually explicit descriptions and may not be suited for younger readers. In the sunny living room of a Mediterranean-style house in Oakland, California, Rosalind sips coffee through a straw. The 24-year-old research assistant wears a thin green utility jacket and has large brown eyes and dark wavy hair with pin-up-girl bangs. Sitting on a couch as SLR cameras record her, she gets ready to tell nine people, none of whom she's met in real life before, about the first time she masturbated. "I can't believe I told you guys about the shower masturbation," says Rosalind (not her real name). "That's literally the first time I have ever said that out loud." A few crew members chuckle. They're filming for OMGYes, a site that hosts a series of online videos about how to sexually satisfy a woman. OMGYes is one of a number of companies ushering sex education for the 18 and older crowd into a new era. Serving a space somewhere between the staid, impassive lectures many sat through as students and a pornography industry that values entertainment above all else, these companies use interactive and user-generated digital media to explore the more emotional, intimate and vulnerable sides of sex. "The internet has offered, along with a lot of really disturbing images and ideas, a lot of potential for positive education," says Peggy Orenstein author of "Girls & Sex"...Read more
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