Donate $1 to Gubernatorial Election Fund? Guess who said no.

Sunday, 05 November 2017, 09:55:09 PM. The two candidates running for governor in New Jersey both get matching funds from the state for their campaigns. But neither offered to designate a $1 of their taxes last year to the public fund that helped pay for it.
NEWARK--Both got millions in matching funds from the state for their campaigns this year. But neither Democrat Phil Murphy nor Republican Kim Guadagno opted to designate a buck on their tax returns to the program that gave them those millions. Murphy, who released his returns on Friday, left blank the question on his New Jersey income tax form that asks all taxpayers whether they want to designate $1 to the Gubernatorial Election Fund. Filers are told that filling in the "Yes" does not in any way increase one's tax liability or reduce their refund. His campaign has received $9.3 million in matching funds from the public supported program. Murphy also left blank the question on his federal form of whether he wanted $3 to go to the Presidential Election Campaign. Campaign officials called it an oversight. "Phil and Tammy believe strongly in the importance of the matching funds program. They will make sure to opt in moving forward," said spokesman Dan Bryan. Guadagno, who has received $3.3 million matching state funds for her campaign, did not contribute to the Gubernatorial Election Fund either. The lieutenant governor's New Jersey tax return shows that both she and her husband checked off "no" on the $1 Gubernatorial Election Fund. Her campaign did not respond to a request for comment. The fund, which was started in 1977, was aimed at keeping gubernatorial elections issue-oriented and curbing the influence of special interests. The state's Election Law Enforcement Commission...Read more
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