Free credit-monitoring services, for those affected by Equifax hack

Tuesday, 07 November 2017, 08:23:58 PM. CreditKarma, a financial-technology company in which Bala Cynwyd private-equity shop Susquehanna Growth Equity LLC was an early investor, is among those offering free monitoring.
If you — like me, members of my family, and many friends — were a victim of the Equifax security breach, there’s a way to monitor your credit reports free without having to sign up for a paid monitoring program such as LifeLock. The free monitoring is courtesy of CreditKarma, a financial-technology company funded in part by local private-equity shop Susquehanna Growth Equity LLC. Founded in 2007, CreditKarma pays for consumers to access their credit reports and scores from credit bureaus; it earns fees by matching borrowers with lenders. As of last week, if you set up an account at, the company would send you an alert if there were changes in your credit reports, including suspicious activity or errors. To get the free monitoring, create an account, then click on “Profile” and “Settings” in the top right corner, select “Communications & Monitoring,” and check the “Credit Monitoring” box. I have already paid both TransUnion and Experian to freeze my credit — credit freezes cost more in Pennsylvania; they are free in New Jersey. I froze my credit free at  — deservedly so, by the way, since it exposed our information to hackers. Like CreditKarma, Credit Sesame and Quizzle offer free monitoring services; you can try all three. Susquehanna Growth Equity, based in Bala Cynwyd, is part of the much larger Susquehanna Investment Group and generally doesn’t accept outside money, according to managing directors Amir Goldman and Scott Feldman. “We have...Read more
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