Price of this year's Thanksgiving dinner is as low as it's been in a decade

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 05:12:59 AM. Price wars drive down the cost of the main centerpiece.
The cost to feed the horde this Thanksgiving is going to be as low as it's been in a decade. And shoppers should credit that to a good supply of turkeys — and some heavy-duty competition. The latest survey from the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation shows the cost of a typical Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 10 this year is $39.82. That's 14 percent less than shoppers paid for the same items a year ago. More significant, the last time the pricetag was below $40 was in 2006. The big difference is the centerpiece. Farm Bureau spokeswoman Peggy Jo Goodfellow, who went out and did the checks, found the typical 16-pound bird selling this year for 89 cents a pound. That same bird was running $1.23 a pound a year ago. "There was a definite price war going on," she said. In fact, Goodfellow said she returned home from her shopping trip to find a circular from Albertson's offering to match the prices of turkeys being sold by Fry's and Basha's, the chain's two main competitors, through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. (Safeway is now part of the Albertson's chain but maintains its own advertising.) But Goodfellow said that ability of stores to try to sell their birds for so little is also dependent on what she said is a healthy supply of the frozen birds. Overall, the prices on the rest of the grocery list remains pretty much the same. In fact, the cost of that 12-ounce bag of cranberries has hardly budged for years. Goodfellow has no explanation, especially as the fruits are not...Read more
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