Why a Trump Cabinet official made a weekend trip to N.J.

Sunday, 05 November 2017, 09:55:22 PM. Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon held two meetings with New Jersey small-business owners on Saturday.
WASHINGTON -- U.S. Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon discussed the Republican tax cut plan on a trip to New Jersey on Saturday as supporters touted the proposal as an elixir for economic growth. On her first trip since House Republicans released their proposal, McMahon, a member of President Donald Trump's Cabinet, was expected to meet with small-business owners in Cranford and Cinnaminson on Saturday. It was part of her Ignite Tour, an effort to visit all 68 district offices of the Small Business Administration and talk with small business owners about how the agency can help them create jobs and improve the economy. "I want to make sure SBA is not the best-kept secret in the country," McMahon said. "The president's agenda is really to grow this economy.You support small businesses because small businesses are the engine of our economy." 9 questions about Trump tax plan This time, the discussions also included the Republican tax plan, which was officially released on Thursday and is supported by Trump. The plan would cut the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent, while offering small businesses incorporated as LLCs or partnerships, whose income is passed through to their owners and reported on individual tax returns, a new 25 percent rate. "If they pay less tax and have more money in their pockets, they will grow their businesses," McMahon said in an interview. "That is what every business tells me  without fail: If they had more money in their pockets,...Read more
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