Daughter: Flint Legionnaires' victim in good health

Tuesday, 07 November 2017, 06:24:39 PM. She adds John Snyder had a heart condition in the involuntary manslaughter hearing for Chief Medical officer Eden Wells
The daughter of a Flint area man who died of Legionnaires’ disease said Monday that her father was in good health before contracting the form of pneumonia and dying in June 2015. Special prosecutor Todd Flood and his legal team are charging Michigan Chief Medical Officer Eden Wells with involuntary manslaughter in the death of John Snyder. She is accused of delaying a public health warning about the 2014-15 Legionnaires’ outbreak that killed 12 and sickened 79 Flint-area residents. Snyder’s daughter Mary Ann Tribble said her father was in good health before getting Legionnaires’, staying active by running and skiing. Tribble said Snyder had a “chronic form” of arthritis and leukemia, but doctors said it wasn’t going to be fatal. He was a real estate appraiser for 40 years, she said. “He was very active,” Tribble said. “He was a downhill skier. He traveled across the country. He traveled to Europe, China. He was sharp. There was nothing wrong with his mind.” Tribble, who worked for the Michigan Department of Health And Human Services as a policy specialist, said she never heard about an outbreak of Legionella from her agency. Snyder went into the hospital in early June and passed away on June 30, she said. On cross-examination, Tribble admitted her father also had heart issues that resulted in the insertion of a pacemaker six years ago, around the time he had bypass surgery. He also broke his neck three years before he passed away. Lawyers for Wells are arguing Snyder died one...Read more
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