‘I never fit in with school mums’

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 11:51:12 AM. AUBREY Black isn’t your average mum.

Aubrey Black is an Australian porn star and mother-of-two.

AUBREY Black isn’t your average mum.

The single mother-of-two is a professional porn star and escort — a career the 42-year-old turned to just six years ago.

Black has travelled the world as part of her job, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the adult entertainment industry.

Born in New Zealand before making a permanent move to Australia 16 years ago, the businesswoman and model never expected to venture into the sex industry in her 30s — especially while raising two children on her own.

Aubrey Black is an Australian porn star and mother-of-two. Source: Instagram

“I was raised a Mormon girl, which I practised into my 30s and even raised my children that way,” Black told news.com.au.

“I was working as a photographer, doing some graphic design work and I understood marketing very well. And for me, I was able to use that knowledge to propel my brand forward.”

Using the alias Aubrey Black, she said she met a group of escorts through her photography business during a shoot. It was there she discovered how lucrative the industry could be.

Aubrey said she never fitted in with the school mums. Source: Supplied

“My daughter was working with me on shoots, and was my right hand,” Black, who lives on the Gold Coast and is a regular at Sexpo events around the country, explained.

“But during the years when we were living in the US, she fell in love with a boy from Dallas and moved back to be with him. I was lost without her as I couldn’t manage shooting alone while looking after my young son.

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