14 tools and tips that could be game-changers for your wellness routine

Saturday, 11 November 2017, 08:21:59 AM. The smallest solutions — packaged foods, apps, putting clothes out the night before — can make all the difference.
As a native San Franciscan, I pride myself on my parallel-parking skills. But now that I have a reverse camera in my car, I wonder how I ever parked before this technology. It’s changed my whole experience. With food and exercise, too, a simple tool or new habit can make what once felt difficult instead seem effortless. I call these tools “game-changers.” Pouched wild salmon is a game-changer for me. Fresh salmon is too expensive, and even if I did pay the price, I can’t batch-cook salmon for the week, as it won’t last. But I really want to increase my intake of omega-3 fatty acids, and wild salmon is the best option. I now order precooked, three-ounce portions of wild salmon online and enjoy it regularly for lunch. What once felt impossible is now easy. [Changing your perspective about weight loss may change the outcome, too] When you open your mind to exploring a problem, a tool or change of perspective, even something extraordinarily small and basic, can have a profound impact. Unpack the problem and understand your “why.” Start noticing when you’re feeling rushed, annoyed or frustrated. If so, take a breath and try to understand the frustration. Why does this continue to be a problem? Get specific. Then decide whether it’s under your control to find a tool, change the routine or create a new habit to make life easier. Here are some ideas. 1 of 30 Full Screen Autoplay Close Find the full recipe here." data-credit="The Washington Post"...Read more
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