Affordability of Chilean white wine means learning about it won't cost you a lot

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 06:09:56 AM. The affordability of Chilean sauvignon blanc allows you to make a quest out of finding exactly which style you like best.
Chilean sauvignon blanc has a lot to offer, and it usually doesn’t ask for much in return. It’s a big country down there, or at least a long one, and the sauvignon blanc styles cover quite a bit of ground themselves. For the most part, they are also inexpensive, which is good for two reasons. Reason No. 1 is, like chocolate-caramel desserts, inexpensive wines don’t require a lot of hemming, or even hawing for that matter; you have little to lose. Reason No. 2 is those low price points allow you to explore with abandon. As you know, drinking wine is the best way to learn about it. You could also say that learning about wine is the best way to drink it. The affordability of Chilean sauvignon blanc allows you to make learning about it a minor quest (surely you have more major quests occurring in your life at any given moment) to find out exactly which style you like best. Maybe you don’t want to pick a certain style as your favorite. Maybe you want to leave yourself open to sometimes turning to the light, refreshing style that is appropriate for situations that call for an aperitif — no food needed, just a zippy wine to awaken your palate before dinner — or when you need a wine to accompany raw oysters, ceviche, salads or light seafood appetizers. This style is fresh and citrusy, with some combination of tangy lime, pear, green apple, grapefruit, rocky or chalky minerality, and zesty acidity. On another occasion, if you did not want to choose a side and stick to it, you might...Read more
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