DMK's new Fort Willow inspired by travel and treehouses, plus more restaurant news

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 06:10:46 AM. DMK Restaurants hopes to channel childhood dreams of living in a treehouse at its new cocktail bar, Fort Willow. The design includes a central 'tree' made of slats that will cover the main dining space.
Who as a child hasn’t dreamed of a tricked-out treehouse hideaway? For its newest project, Fort Willow, DMK Restaurants hopes to channel that childhood excitement with a cocktail bar serving small plates and bowls. What makes it treehouse? The design, for starters, which includes a central “tree” made of slats that will cover the the main dining space. Co-owners David Morton and Michael Kornick are drawing on international flavors from India, France, Spain, Asia, Africa and more for food and beverage. Morton says the theme harks back to childlike escapism, when kids can run to their treehouse and daydream. “(Fort Willow) is for people who are adventurous in their own way and like spicy and spices,” Morton said. “But most importantly, it’s just a neighborhood bar.” Morton said they hope to create a sense of wonder, curiosity, comfort and “a touch of sneakiness” with their tree fort theme. Cocktails will include the Caipifruta, with Novo Fogo Cachaca, lime and seasonal fruit, and the Tree Fort Punch, which is made with Stormy Night black tea, Amaro Abano, Amaro Averna, aged pisco and nutmeg. One opening menu dish is Indian vegetable curry served with warm naan and a tempura rock shrimp and broccoli dish. “We will really take you to a place to get away and enjoy really interesting, cool flavors,” Morton said. DMK Restaurants also operates DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar, Henry’s, The Rec Room and Werewolf Coffee Bar, among others. Fort Willow is expected to open in early December. 1721...Read more
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