Fast food meets fast fashion in a saucy '90s-flavored Forever 21 X Taco Bell capsule collection

Friday, 13 October 2017, 05:17:08 PM. Taco Bell and Forever 21 have collaborated on a collection of '90s-flavored hoodies, T-shirts and bodysuits emblazoned with the fast food brand's logos and slogans.

Who are the folks at the center of the Taco Bell and Forever 21 Venn diagram? We’re not exactly sure, to be honest. But we do know that they’re about to be a whole lot easier to pick out of a crowd thanks to a new, eye-catching collaboration between the two SoCal-based brands.

The Irvine-based fast-food chain and the Los Angeles-based clothing company joined forces to create a capsule collection that includes T-shirts, bodysuits, hoodies and anoraks awash in allover logo prints; busy, ’90s-flavored graphics; bold-color-blocking; and bearing slogans such as “Too Much Sauce” and “Live Más.”

The collaboration was unveiled Tuesday night at a downtown Los Angeles runway show in advance of Wednesday’s official launch. (Although we weren’t on hand for the festivities ourselves, we have it on good authority that a Taco Bell truck was on hand to sling tacos to the masses.)

fast-food-meets-fast-fashion-in-a-saucy--and-apos;90sflavored-forever-21-x-taco-bell-capsule-collection photo 1 Forever 21 An anorak jacket ($29.90) and graphic-print T-shirt ($12.90) from the Forever 21 X Taco Bell capsule collection. An anorak jacket ($29.90) and graphic-print T-shirt ($12.90) from the Forever 21 X Taco Bell capsule collection. (Forever 21)

Among the more memorable items on the menu? A white hooded sweatshirt with a Taco Bell logo allover print that hilariously calls to mind the logo-printed paper used to wrap the Bell’s burritos ($24.90) and an orange, flame-festooned bodysuit bearing the words “Hot” and “Born Saucy” ($17.90). (Perfect for … salsa dancing, perhaps?)

The collection, which serves up Taco Bell threads for men and women (as well as a few pieces for girls — and a random lone iPhone case covered with taco and sauce-packet graphics) is now available at brick-and-mortar Forever 21 stores and online at

We’re not sure how long the limited-edition capsule collection will be around, but for now anyway, if you’re a fan of the fast-food brand, you’ll be able to wear your heart — instead of just a splotch of taco sauce — on your sleeve.

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