Hat versus hair: Get used to the squish factor

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 06:06:29 AM. Is there a solution for hat hair? Finding the perfect blouse, keeping combs and brushes clean, and more advice from the Answer Angel.
Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What about hats? For the beach? For cold weather? For rain? Is there any hat that won’t give me “hat hair?” — Candace G. Dear Candace: If there is such a hat, I sure haven’t found it and I’ve been on the hunt for decades. For sun, some women like visors, which at least don’t squish most of your hair. In cool weather or rain, a jacket or coat with a loose hood is an option although, let’s face it, if the hood is loose enough not to mess up your hair it is not going to reliably stay on your head. A very loosely knit beret-type hat is a cool weather option too, but not the height of fashion. Earmuffs that either have no band or a band that goes around the back of the head are another not-great alternative. Dear Answer Angel Ellen: When I was growing up back in the 1950s and ’60s, my mother used to soak our hair combs in water with a product called Climalene to clean them. For years I searched to find this product to no avail so I substituted shampoo into the water. Is this the best and easiest way to clean combs and hairbrushes, or is there something more effective? — Laura S. Dear Laura: You’re doing precisely the right thing. A quick soak in mild soap or shampoo mixed with warm water is all you need to keep combs and brushes clean — unless you’re running a barber shop (in which case, buy germ- and fungus-killing Barbicide online, and you can even find the familiar barber shop-style Barbicide jar on amazon.com for under $20). If your comb and brush are...Read more
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