Man rickrolls his buddy's wedding with dramatic reading

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 01:10:47 AM. Adam Lauver stole the show by reading the lyrics to 'Never Gonna Give You Up.'
Adam Lauver rickrolled his buddy’s wedding by stealing the show with a dramatic reading of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Lauver and the groom, John Conforti, perform together in a sketch comedy group, so humor is nothing new to them. But Conforti said he and his wife, Amanda Conforti, chose Lauver specifically for the reading because “his timing is just brilliant.” “We’re all great friends. The acting for him was simple,” Conforti, 33, told ABC News. “We reached out to him and he was instantly on board.” John Conforti/Ian BoucherThis wedding guest's heartfelt reading of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley cracked up the entire wedding party. The groom said the idea for the hilarious reading actually originated as a joke between him and his wife. The phrase "rickrolling" stems from the famous internet meme where people prank each other with unexpected links to the hit 80s pop song. “Without me knowing, she had decided for her wedding vows she was going to read the lyrics to that song,” he said of their Nov. 4 wedding in Lititz, Pennsylvania. “But out of the blue one day, I said, ‘We should have Adam do a dramatic reading of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’ We’re just super goofy people.” Conforti said Amanda loved the idea of Lauver reading the lyrics “because she knew she couldn’t do it like Adam could.” Lauver said there was "never any question" he'd say yes to their unique request. "It was their wedding day and if they wanted me to strip and sing karaoke I...Read more
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