Most haunted places in Arizona: These 10 surprising places will give you the chills

Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 04:21:17 PM. From a little girl who pinches passers-by to unexplained shadows that move about, these Arizona haunts are full of ghostly vibes
Everybody loves a good ghost story. We don’t have to see a door slowly swing open in an empty hallway, or catch a misty shadow out of the corner of our eye. Chills run down our backs if we simply listen to such tales. Inevitably, if the environment is right, the hair on the back of our necks will stand because we know something is right … behind … us. In anticipation of that happy dread, here are 10 spots in Arizona with strange stories to tell: Sunkist factory, Mesa Workers renovating the historic Sunkist packing plant in Mesa spoke of seeing a shadowy figure in the basement, said paranormal investigator Jay Yates. (Photo: Mark Henle/The Republic) At first, the foreman ignored his workers' reports of a shadowy figure lurking in the basement of the Sunkist factory, a long-abandoned citrus-packing plant. Even more curious was a rhythmic echo, like that of a ball slapping against a hard surface. Workers later would later notice a small red ball rolling across the floor, disappearing into a dark corner. The foreman took the reports more seriously when some employees threatened to stop renovation work until something was done. That's when Jay Yates, a noted paranormal investigator and Buckeye resident, said he got the call. Since hearing the stories for the first time, Yates said he’s been to the Sunkist factory dozens of times over the past few years.   He’s convinced the historic brick building is one of the most haunted spots in Arizona. Despite thorough investigations...Read more
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