New Orleans property transfers, Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 2107

Monday, 13 November 2017, 11:24:07 AM. New Orleans

New Orleans

Transfers for Oct. 30-Nov. 3

District 1

Banks St. 3918: $180,000, John E. Simmon and Samaria Lambert Simmons to Marco Antonio Guevara.

Chippewa St. 1670: $85,000, Tmf Hotel Properties LLC to Robert Parnell Marron, Silvia Virginia Martins Campos and Silvia Virginia Martins Marron.

Felicity St. 2231-2233: $342,000, Elwood Jamal McCoy to Richard G. Knight and Stephanie Arabie Knight.

Julia St. 330: $260,000, Daniel E. Adams to Fnu Tasneem and Haiderali Shabbir Choonawala.

Julia St. 432-448; Magazine St. 813: $348,000, Benjamin A. Guider III to Elizabeth Mary Muir.

S. Gayoso St. 1214: $42,000, I. Am New Orleans LLC to Richard S. Witzig.

S. Genois St. 139: $275,000, Cheryl Lemoine to James C. Del Cano.

S. Roman St. 1413-1415: $20,000, Jeray Jamal Morris to Gloria Moline Johnson.

St. Charles Ave. 1000: $535,000, Alejandra Rosales, Fanor Rosales, Liliana C. Hines to Christine M. Attenhofer.

$10: 210 Baronne LLC to Construction & Development Group LLC.

$15,500: City of New Orleans to Tb System Properties LLC.

District 2

Argonne Blvd. 6718: $260,000, Amanda F. Messer Boeneke and Rudolph Charles Boeneke to Todd A. Delahoussaye.

Bienville St. 4414: $729,000, G. Roth Properties LLC to Ashley Barkley Grossman and Louis M. Grossman.

Canal St. 4011: $10, First Nbc Bank to Iberiabank.

Catina St. 6167: $460,000, John L. Lopez Jr. to Trevis A. Joseph.

Colbert St. 6455: $435,000, Mitchell F. Crusto to 6566 Colbert LLC.

Colbert St. 6455: $477,500, 6566 Colbert LLC to Michelle Bridget Pohlmann.

Crystal St. 466: $172,500, Tolmas Family Trust M. Gs to Constance Cohen Tolmas.

Decatur St. 121-123: $29,900, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Dumaine St. 2106-08: $100,000, Alberdia S. Carter, Estavan Carter Sr. and Sedrick Carter Sr. to Chisesi Signature Homes LLC.

Esplanade Ave. 906: $210,000, Michael A. Williams to Jeannine M. Peters.

Memphis St. 6777: $879,000, Elizabeth Bogan Stangel and John Edward Stangel to Jennie Najolia Voorhies and Michael Voorhies.

N. Galvez St. 828: $20,500, Dale W. Blade to Stephen J. Remmers.

N. Rampart St. 836: $270,000, Kirk E. Coco to Peter L. Hall.

N. Tonti St. 1019: donation, no value stated, Omer Paul Soniat III to Rebecca Soniat Dufossat Holmes.

N. Tonti St. 1019: $30,000, Rebecca Soniat Dufossat Holmes to Austin Venture Properties LLC.

N. Tonti St. 1019: donation, no value stated, Brian W. Soniat Dufossat to Rebecca Soniat Dufossat Holmes.

N. Tonti St. 1019: $74,000, Austin Venture Properties LLC to 1019 Tonti LLC.

Taft Place 933: $530,000, Jon David Ulz and Susan Elizabeth Leal Ulz to April Etheridge Higdon and Lindy Bosworth Jones.

Thrasher St. 20: $485,000, Patrick M. Amedee and Roy F. Amedee Jr. to Chester M. Thomas.

Toulouse St. 4513-4515: $222,000, Joseph Leonard Toujas to Karen Spring Logan and Mark Logan.

District 3

Allen St. 2735: $10, Prof 2013 M4 Legal Title Trust II By Us Bank National Association As Legal Title Trustee to 2537 Allen LLC.

Arts St. 2205: $103,000, Raul Estrada to Deborah Kay Shavlik.

Aubry St. 2531: $291,350, Allison Stacy Goodman Padilla and Mario German Padilla to Maureen E. Basha Visna.

Beach Drive 7808: $125,000, Stella Rose Mitchell Moran to Jezell Smith Burke.

Brevard Ave. 7710: $132,000, Chambliss Group LLC to Deeaundra Witson.

Bullard Ave. 5420: $410,000, Carrie Marble Phillips and Charles J. Phillips to Kimmy T. Tran Pham and Timothy Pham.

Clover St. 2501: $172,000, Wesley T. Laurendine to Alexander K. Zilinski, Regina Podhorin Zilinski and Ronald W. Zilinski.

Desire St. 621: $510,000, 621 Desire LLC to Angela Rosetta Larson.

Desire St. 2025-27: $130,000, Karyn Latrice Hawkins, Roneshia Johnson, Roosevelt Johnson III and Roosevelt Williams to Chelsea Putre Beaver and Nolan R. Beaver.

Deslonde St. 1402: $85,000, Emelda Jackson Rumsey and Samuel Rumsey to Lynne Kueck Living Trust and Lynne Rowena Kueck.

Duplessis St. 4106: $12,000, St. John #5 Baptist Church Inc. to Drew Developers LLC.

E. Idlewood Court 5231: $160,000, Amolak Singh and Rajinder Pk Singh Revocable Living Trust and Rajinder P. K Singh to Trichele M. McDaniel.

Eastern St. 5100: $51,750, Mystery House LLC to Jose M. Zavala, Martha Maldonado Zavala and Martin Zavala.

Egania St. 1704: $1,345, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Jesse Wallace III.

Francesco Road 4435: $250,000, Bradford D. Truby to Jon E. Guidry.

Franklin Ave. 4001Filmore Ave. 1664: donation, no value stated, Kendrick Johnson to Alexandra Age.

Frenchmen St. 5116-5118: $184,000, Meo Properties LLC to Ty Anthony Adams Jr.

Gallier St. 1208-10: $305,000, Xk8 LLC to John L. Goodin and Mary H. Penn.

Gentilly Blvd. 3505: $146,000, Amanda McKinney Fitzgerald and Joseph R. Fitzgerald to James Michael Dufrene and Tristan Martin Dufrene.

George Nick Conner Drive 2643; Havana St. 2643: $136,608, Mavis Morris Kendrick and Roselyn E. Davis to Jasamine Renee Pettie.

George Nick Connor Drive 2221: $109,000, Popular Wholesale LLC and Popular Wholesales LLC to Karen Marie Moessinger Dawson and Leland Scott Dawson Living Trust.

Kerlerec St. 1614-14 1/2: $275,000, Hopes Dream Homes LLC to Tracy Eugene Collins.

Knight Drive 4642: donation, no value stated, Maura Ward Battiste and Roger Battiste Jr. to Jashina T. Cage Washington and Kevin Washington.

Lafaye St. 5117: $320,000, Bcm Homes LLC to Anthony Alexander McElligott and Kate Mary McElligott.

Laharpe St. 2208-2210: $150,000, Joseph L. Relf Sr. and Shirley Tennette Relf to Alex T. Sider and Tomika Suarez.

Lucerne St. 7828: donation, no value stated, Kendrick Johnson to Alexandra Age.

Mandeville St. 3522: $239,000, Whitney Dabney Jr. to Lisa Ellsworth Riggs.

Mirabeau Ave. 1613: $75,000, Thien John Nguyen to Hoa Ann Le Nguyen and Vanbinh Nguyen.

Morrison Road 6112: $54,000, Diana Fayard and Donna Blazok Wagar D. 4 A. Special Needs Trust Dated April 27 2017 to Patricia A. Jimcoily, Patricia A. King, Patricia A. Magee and Tavia C. Jimcoily.

Music St. 3025-27: $10,200, Raymond J. Gautreaux Sr. Family Trust to Adapt Properties LLC.

N. Claiborne Ave. 3021; North Claiborne Ave. 3021: $14,500, Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo Hayla Anna Dubolsky Ira to Haley Rea.

N. Derbigny St. 1556-1558: $315,000, Sms Development LLC to Kim Honore Williams and Sedric Williams.

N. Miro St. 2262: $45,000, Benjamin Harwood to Alejandro A. Pan and Anielka Rodriguez Pan.

N. Roman St. 1508: $35,000, David J. Easter to Burnett Property Development LLC.

N. Robertson St. 2324: $35,000, Christine Taylor Young, Elizabeth Nell Taylor Sims, Rickey Hale, Rondell Hale, Stephanie Taylor Colbert to Mint Realty Group LLC.

N. Rocheblave St. 1631: $9,000, Willie Mae Ashley Edwards to 3f Properties of Louisiana LLC and Omni Realty LLC.

N. Villere St. 2325: $68,900, Lala Rascic Weeks and Timothy Alan Weeks to Julienne Design LLC.

New Orleans St. 2217-19: donation, no value stated, Maria Hebert and Maria Melder Smith to Ariel Dominique Lucius.

Nottingham Drive 4668: $40,000, Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust By Us Bank National Association As Legal Title Trustee to Us Rof III Legal Title Trust 2015 1 By Us Bank National Association As Legal Title Trustee.

Paris Ave. 3819: $76,500, Brougham Reo Owner Lp to Hd Real Estates LLC.

Pauger St. 4800: $190,000, Vanessa A. Demasiliere Dubuclet to Daniel A. Preziosi.

Pauline St. 1500-02: $10,200, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Rhonda Findley.

Pauline Drive 5919: no value stated, Denise Patnett Debose, Gilda Patnett Hogan, John Henry Patnett, Marva Patnett Dominick, Mary Baham Patnett and Roxana Patnett Milanez to 5919 Pauline LLC.

Prentiss Ave. 2717: donation, no value stated, Kendrick Johnson to Alexandra Age.

Queensway Drive 7141: $210,000, Van Le to Alisha Henderson.

Rousseau St. 2105-2107: $160,000, Frank White III and Frank White Jr. to David McGee.

Scottwood Drive 7818: $139,000, Cheryl Anglin Jacques to Ebony Marie Lawson Robertson.

Soldiers St. 1344: donation, no value stated, Brook Louise Alfonso, Brook Louise Kerrigan and Michael Malone Kerrigan to Bailey Kerrigan Penot and Chad M. Penot.

St. Anthony Ave. 4809: $138,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Scott Link.

St. Bernard Ave. 4119-21: $1,845.50, Alma Glapion Chapital and Harmon Anthony Chapital Sr. to Gloria Glapion Mitchell and Michael T. Mitchell.

St. Maurice Ave. 1218: $84,600, Miranka Bladergroen Fountain to Thomas David Sapp.

Sere St. 1371-1373: $35,000, Nathaniel P. Williams to Conrad Christopher Carriere Sr. and Dawn Smith Carriere.

Spain St. 4771-73: donation, no value stated, Gerard M. Dileo, Gregory P. Dileo and John L. Dileo II to Paula M. Dileo Trust.

Urquhart St. 2701-03: $115,000, Az Holdings LLC to Andrew Feldman.

Sussex Place 7405: $19,000, Us Bank National Association to Pab Investments Inc.

Sussex Place 7405: $24,000, Pab Investments Inc. to Doughty Place LLC.

Touro St. 1833-35: $80,000, Joshua D. Shipman to Ashley Charlene Gammage.

Trapier Ave. 7608: $158,000, Luis Carlos De Souza to Lauren Ann Lewis.

Vermillion Boulevard 6021: $172,500, Home By Hand Inc. to Ryan A. Bell.

Viola St. 4513: $112,000, V. Street LLC to Larry J. Berzat Jr. and Lashawn Wright Berzat.

Viola St. 4578: $92,000, Heavy C. Investments LLC to Jujuan M. Noble.

Warren Drive 4736: $58,000, Jose V. Ventura Aguilar and Rocio Reyes Cambronell Aguilar to Hung Q. Pham.

Warrington Drive 514: $63,000, Finance of America Reverse LLC to Nola Better Homes LLC.

Warrington Drive 6012: $120,000, Anna Bayuga Contreras and Javier E. Contreras to Amando Martinez Bayuga.

Wave Drive 7560: $157,000, Victor Hugo Marin to Brisheika Esprit Spurlock and Jamaar W. Spurlock.

Wildair Drive 5324: $159,000, Edgardo M. Ramirez and Mary Hiza Ramirez to Keisha Smith Dubuclet.

District 4

Baronne St. 2020: donation, no value stated, Jackson Flanagan Kerby to Jeffrey Kerby.

First St. 428: $342,000, Paul F. Semmes and Valerie Kay Cunningham Semmes to Derek Jacob Shanman.

Fourth St. 2032-34: $12,500, Deborah Julian Garrison, Emile Roosevelt Julian, Joseph Julian and Michael Julian to Une Belle Maison LLC.

Freret St. 2519; Locust 2504-06; S. Robertson St. 2504-06: $60,000, Harmony Neighborhood Development Inc. to Colmex Construction LLC.

Josephine St. 1444: $800,000, West Bank Rehab Option LLC to Marengo Investments LLC.

Michael St. 1137: $80,000, Leonard Michael Jones to Georgianna Forrest Cox and Georgianna Forrest Smith.

S. Derbigny St. 2626-28: $123,000, Renata M. Weatherspoon to Patricia Valdivia Sanchez.

Saratoga St. 3213: $185,000, Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative Inc. to Sheika N. Square.

St. Charles Ave. 2100: $333,000, Carlos Oswald Rodriguez Fierro, Ingrid Maul Fierro and Ingrid Maul Rodriguez to James F. Lyons and Michelle Oustalet Lyons.

St. Thomas St. 2384: $210,000, Livewell Properties LLC to Michael Allen Carter and Sarah Anne Carter.

District 5

Aurora Oaks Drive 401: $162,500, Claire W. Roussel to Audra Smith Bauman and Bryan V. Bauman.

Bacchus Drive 2820: $20,000, James Smith Jr. and Keyoka Smith to Advanta Ira Services LLC and Carl Fanaro Ira # 8003447.

Brighton Place 6318: $10, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington Dc to Gwangi Richardson Alston.

Brunswick Court 5810: $193,500, Abdel H. Abu Tair to Dedric M. Lee, Tequilla Lee

St. 3408: $94,002.53, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Bryson St. 3408: $47,100, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Dominici Properties LLC.

Chelsea Drive 2464: $307,500, John Chedell Hiser II and Valerie Weigand Hiser to Freddie Deane Cosey Sr., Toni Lynn Alford, Toni Lynn Cosey, Toni Lynn Guthrie, Tony Lynn Alford, Tony Lynn Cosey and Tony Lynn Guthrie.

Chelsea Drive 2561: $122,298.04, Linda L. Armentor Bower, Linda L. Armentor Coffy and Linda L. Armentor Ely to Hd Real Estates LLC.

Comet St. 2318: donation, no value stated, Habib Mbaye to Secret D. McCoy Mbaye and Secret Delon McCoy Mbaye.

Cumberland Court 2425: $355,000, Patricia Pierson Robert and Ronald A. Robert Sr. to Clint Travis Schibner and Stephanie Santelli Schibner.

Dickens Drive 3111: $61,500, Leslie Watson Jones to Trinity Investments LLC of New Mexico.

Ellen Park Place 2015: $80,000, Troy Anthony Laigast to 2015 Ellen Park LLC.

Elmira St. 1012-14: $50,000, Laura Blanchard Krogh to Kenya Kennedy Campbell.

Elmira St. 724-726: $319,000, Elmira Street Project LLC to Pheobe E. Askie.

Erickson Ave. 4633: $117,500, Rochelle E. Rupp Prentice to Donald Paul Murphy and Maryse Philippe Dejean Murphy.

Eton St. 2824: donation, no value stated, Elizabeth M. Rivera Bravo to Jerry S. Bravo.

Evelina St. 707: $135,000, Timothy Martin Tillman to Kerri Daigle Muller, Kerri Daigle Tillman, Kerri Tillman Muller and Randall George Muller.

Norland Ave. 5731: $169,000, Joan M. Fischer, Joan Marie Fischer to Ciara Renee Deaton Watson and Don John Harris.

Patterson Drive 1101: $70,000, 1100 Patterson LLC to Full Sail Investments LLC.

Rhodes Ave. 108: $185,000, Tbf LLC to Arielle Bodden.

Rhodes Ave. 5834: $215,000, Barbara Turner Gelso and Kathryn Ilene Turner Ebel to Carole Vance Charles.

Terry St. 1309: $52,000, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company As Trustee For Gsaa Home Equity Trust 2006 2 Asset Backed Certificates to Desiree Sanders.

Westpark Court 191: $20,000, Julien Engineering & Consulting Inc. to Wood Peckerz Colombia LLC.

Yosemite Drive 52: $208,000, Cheryl Grundmeyer Jones, Emily D. Grundmeyer, Jan Grundmeyer Tanner, Laurie C. Grundmeyer Kimble, Priscilla Wigle Grundmeyer, Richard Jones and Wayne Grundmeyer to Brelan Walters Saloy and Kael Saloy.

District 6

Annunciation St. 4305: $520,000, Joseph Warren Gerrity IV to Jada Monique Guillory and Ronald James Guillory.

Audubon St. 111: $100, 111 Audubon Street LLC to Francis James Gasquet Fitzpatrick and Sarah Whittredge French.

Cadiz St. 2232: $167,500, Lavonzell Elaine Moses Scott, Lucretia Francois Batiste and Pearl Francois Williams to Burnett Property Development LLC.

Calhoun St. 2432: $555,000, Paul L. Morse to Tu Campus Properties LLC.

Carondelet St. 3201; Carondelet St. 3203; Carondelet St. 3205; Harmony St. 1720-22; Harmony St. 1722: $187,500, Charlotte Development LLC to Adam L. Pickett.

Carondelet St. 4409-a: $450,000, Elizabeth A. Derby and Joel E. Derby IV to Margaret Steele Lombard and Michael Joseph Lombard.

Constance St. 4601: $665,000, Oxbow Court LLC to George P. Zvara.

Delachaise St. 2615: $71,500, Champion Mortgage Company and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Wlr Investments LLC.

Dryades St. 4427: $585,000, Margaret Steele Lombard and Michael J. Lombard to Stacey A. Scheib.

Dufossat St. 921: $965,000, Usb Capital LLC to Denise A. Dunckel and Paul L. Morse.

Exposition Blvd. 601: $1,250,000, Amy Johnson Altiero and Nicholas J. Altiero Jr. to Ann Khalimsky Parnes and Eric S. Parnes.

General Pershing St. 2626-28: $295,000, Pamela Lynn Stauss Birdlow, Pauline Wright Stauss and Susan Paulette Stauss to Alexis A. Adams Briggs.

Jeannette St. 7005: $595,000, Leslie B. Fleming Rowe to Erin E. Pelleteri Howser and Zachary Dane Howser.

Laurel St. 5348-535:$626,000, Michael Charbonnet Eastman to Keith Roger Svoboda and Paige L. Nelson Svoboda.

Laurel St. 6321-23: $799,000, Judy Chandler Estefano to Jean Paul N. Lagarde.

Loyola St. 4437: $475,000, Alison Staeheli Thomas and Ryan William Thomas to Ellen Lemaire Seymore.

Magazine St. 4901-03: $560,000, Earl Windom to 4901 Magazine LLC.

Magazine St. 4905-07-11: $640,000, Earl Windom and Willette Koll Windom to Tomkat Properties LLC.

Milan St. 2820-2822: $235,000, Debra Frances Dretar, Frances Miesko Dretar and Kenneth J. Dretar to Nickolaus P. Johnson.

Napoleon Ave. 622: $558,050, Heather Bergeron Eller and Michael R. Eller to Celia C. Rhoads Dreyfus and Henry J. Dreyfus.

Nashville Ave. 3026: $325,000, Richard Thomson Allen to Jessica L. Bruggers.

Octavia St. 2708: $565,000, Denise Muller Pallitta and Vincenzo Pallitta to Mark William Hess, Sean Kevin Hess and Sean Ridgley.

Octavia St. 521: $355,000, Katherine L. Winters Shlosman to Joseph S. Pappalardo Jr.

Soniat St. 1129: $1,225,000, Valentine Adam Earhart Jr. to Lauren Miller Rosendahl and Matthew S. Rosendahl.

State St. 328-330: $511,000, Hansford Perdue Wogan to Leah Abide Whann.

Upperline St. 2718: $375,000, Clinton Capital Investment LLC to Mary H. Peters and Ryan Peters.

District 7

10th St. 241: $217,500, Bryan S. Whiteman and Jessica Salamin Whiteman to Joseph G. Lassalle.

12th St. 212: donation, no value stated, Nicholas J. Puipuro to Samuel Barnes Jr.

16th St. 404: $340,000, Ann Ford Reilley Chiasson, Ann Ford Reilley Saxon, Ann Reilley Saxon, Bernard B. Saxon Jr. and Katherine Ford Chiasson to Cuong Trung Tran and Victoria Bard Tran.

20th St. 342: $331,500, Jiujiang Yu, Yaney Gao Yu and Yao Gao Yu to Gabriella Vinitti Francescon and Michael J. Francescon.

Cambronne St. 3513-15-17-19; Cambronne St. 3521-23-25-27; Dante St. 3512-14-16-18;; Dante St. 3520-22-24-26; Dante St. 3522; Dante St. 3524; Dante St. 3526; Palm St. 8322-24-26-28: $450,000, Gail Robinson Richardson and Gregory Richardson to Jiang and Mai LLC.

Dante St. 1028-30: $250,000, Malcolm Stewart McCune to South Coast Capital LLC.

Eagle St. 1320: $65,000, Elizabeth Chesnutt McEnery and Henry A. McEnery III to Happy Jack Holdings LLC.

Eagle St. 135: $275,000, Property West LLC to James Anton Brucken and Lucia Ines Denegri Brucken.

Lake Marina Ave. 300: $315,000, Crystal Langlinais Johnson to Bernadette A. Powell.

Monroe St. 1526: $222,000, Nehemiah Homes LLC to Marianna D. Massey Foley.

Oak St. 8616: $395,000, 8616 Oak Street LLC to Diana Alcazar Odowd and Joseph Philip Odowd.

Oak Tree Drive 100: $258,000, Landcraft LLC to James Washington III and Yasmin Aklilu Washington.

Sylvia Drive 5828: donation, no value stated, Veronica Charmaine Gillispie Bell and Veronica Charmaine Gillispie Crenshaw to Troy Lashon Bell.

W. Kenilworth St. 400: $370,000, Brenda Spiers Lafargue to Blair Haynie Champagne, Blair Haynie David and Brad Andrew David.

$15,500: City of New Orleans to TB System Properties LLC.

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