One year in, Glenville's Flame Urban Chicken Grill has big ambitions (photos)

Sunday, 05 November 2017, 08:59:00 PM. Born and raised in Lebanon, Ziad Achkar always had a passion for cooking. Last year, he opened Flame Urban Chicken Grill, a fresh, fast-casual eatery in Glenville.
CLEVELAND, Ohio - Born and raised in Lebanon, Ziad Achkar always had a passion for cooking. But when he moved to America at age 19 to pursue a degree in industrial engineering at Cleveland State University, he put those dreams on the back burner. Fast forward a few years, and Achkar had turned his business savviness into running a chain of Little Caesars. One location in Glenville Plaza happened to be sitting next to an open storefront. Achkar recognized the possibility in a blank slate. Last summer, he took a chance on his first independent eatery when he cut ties with the pizza chain and opened Flame Urban Chicken Grill in Glenville at 10330 St. Clair Ave. And with just a year under his belt, Achkar already has big plans for the future. "I saw that people around here really needed something healthy," Achkar says. "People have to drive for miles to get a nutritious meal." The fast-casual shop uses the build-your-own model to create bowls, wraps and salads that revolve around flame-grilled chicken. Ingredients are all-natural and chicken is delivered fresh throughout the week. "You walk in and there's an open kitchen," Achkar says. "Everything's being chopped and diced in front of the customer. The whole mission is just helping people eat healthy." Customers can choose their mix-ins or pick from a menu spanning worldly influences. You can go Greek with black olives and feta cheese or "California" style with avocado spread. The Indian-inspired option includes chickpea salsa...Read more
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