Tucson landscape designer's award-winning project has a must-see view

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 05:14:37 AM. landscape designer Elizabeth Przygoda Montgomery’s design opens up the backyard to the gorgeous views and better gathering spaces.
Tucson landscape designer Elizabeth Przygoda Montgomery turned a dark patio and heavily bricked backyard into a light, airy, beachy gathering spot. For her efforts on the backyard for the 1993 hacienda-style home, Montgomery won first place in the Gardenista’s 2017 Considered Design Awards. Her design took the top spot in the best hardscape project category. Montgomery, owner of Boxhill Design internet store, and the homeowners of the winning Foothills backyard saw plenty of problems, starting with the ramada over the patio. “The ramada area had huge walls so that you couldn’t see why you bought the house,” Montgomery explains. She refers to the stunning city views that no one could see from the patio because the walls extended from floor to roof. The walls also blocked the view to the adjacent pool and the rest of the backyard. Two open sides of the ramada offered less spectacular views of the house and some garden beds. Sunlight into the patio was a problem. The ramada roof was attached to the walls, which had only two small cutouts to let sunlight in. That made the patio area by the walls dark most of the day. Montgomery says it felt like a cave back there. Ironically, the ramada’s size didn’t provide enough shade on the open sides of the patio. “The ramada was so small, it really didn’t serve its purpose,” she says. “The sun shot right in there.” Montgomery’s 2013 design called for removing the ramada and posts. The walls remained, but one’s length was shortened. On both...Read more
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