Wildfires throughout Northern California continue to burn

Thursday, 12 October 2017, 10:04:34 PM. Conditions were right for extreme damage during wildfire season.

As wildfires continued to blaze across Northern California, the state’s top firefighter, Ken Pimlott, said that investigators have not yet determined the cause of any of the 17 major fires.

California’s most dangerous wildfire season comes in autumn, when summer heat and insects have left brush dead and dried-out, and when winds are especially hot, dry and strong.

“This is traditionally California’s worst time for fires,” Pimlott said Tuesday.

Pimlott said firefighters typically respond to 300 blazes a week during this season, but nearly all are extinguished quickly and with minimal damage.

However, conditions were ripe for wildfires after record rains last winter created an abundance of vegetation, which dried, then combined with low humidity and unusually high winds to create fast-moving infernos.

None of the major fires have been contained. Napa County Fire Chief Barry Biermann said fires had been moving too fast and unpredictably for firefighters to attack them directly.

Biermann and others said resources are stretched thin as firefighters battle so many major blazes simultaneously.

— Associated Press

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