Will a food hall give the North Side a boost?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 05:03:46 AM. Federal Galley opens in early December, followed by Galley Group food halls in Cleveland and Detroit.
The founders of Smallman Galley are on a roll. Tyler Benson and Benjamin Mantica of Galley Group have partnered with New York-based Faros Properties to open Federal Galley in Nova Place (200 Children’s Way) on the North Side in early December. Following this debut, they’re opening a food hall in Cleveland that’s on track to open next summer, and another in Detroit slated for the fall. Over the weekend, the group opened its online application portal for kitchen space in those two locations as well as the next round of Smallman Galley. And their pairing with Faros ups their cred and opens the door for future opportunities and funding.  Why? Because Jeremy Leventhal — managing director of Faros, son of Boston’s Alan Leventhal of Beacon Capital Partners, one of the country’s biggest real estate investment trusts — decided to go with the Galley Group to open Federal Galley, Faros’ first food hall in the U.S. A rising star developer, Faros’ properties range from office complexes in Boston and Westchester County, New York to historic properties in Nantucket, Mass.  A swankier version of food courts in suburban malls, food halls are opening at a fast clip around the country with cities like New York home to more than 20 and counting. Though smaller cities like Pittsburgh are just embracing the trend, it’s not a bad thing that they’re just taking off here, since real estate prices aren’t as tight as some big markets — which feeds momentum in the city’s restaurant boom. But real estate...Read more
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