Anning takes aim at Ashby, says top Hanson adviser forced him out

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:48:09 AM. Former One Nation Senator Fraser Anning has claimed Pauline Hanson's chief James Ashby was behind his removal from the party.
Photo: Fraser Anning has blamed One Nation chief of staff James Ashby for his removal from the party. (AAP: Lukas Coch) Former One Nation Senator Fraser Anning has attacked Pauline Hanson's controversial chief of staff James Ashby, saying the adviser was behind his removal from the party. Senator Anning has made a spectacular entrance into federal politics, with the minor party announcing his defection minutes after he was sworn in on Monday. The Queenslander was third on One Nation's Upper House ticket at the last election and secured 19 first preference votes. But he was called up after the High Court flicked Malcolm Roberts for being a British dual citizen. The now-independent said Pauline Hanson wanted him to stand aside to allow Mr Roberts' return. "She was annoyed that I wasn't going to stand aside for Roberts," he told the ABC. "After 22 years of solid loyal support of Pauline and her policies, running for her in 1998, being at every campaign that she ever had, I was insulted." Senator Anning walked out of a party meeting on Monday morning, saying he was subjected to a "vitriolic" verbal attack. "They demanded that I remove my staff, who had been quite loyal staff with Senator Roberts," he said. "That was never going to be acceptable to me, and I certainly wasn't going to be working with someone like James Ashby. Photo: James Ashby told the ABC he's "comfortable" with Mr Anning's comments. (AAP: Paul Miller) "I think Ashby is gradually pushing out all the old...Read more
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