Australia has said Yes, so how will your MP vote in Parliament?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:48:51 AM. We asked every federal politician how they would vote on a same-sex marriage bill in Parliament. Check out what your local member will do.
Photo: See how your MP intends to vote if a same-sex marriage bill is put before Parliament. (ABC News) Now that Australia has told the Parliament it wants same-sex marriage to be legalised, it is back to the politicians to sort things out, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pushing for a vote before Christmas. The ABC asked all MPs how they plan to vote on a same-sex bill in Parliament. The numbers are in: on the ABC's reckoning, both houses of Parliament will pass a bill to change the marriage law. The table below lists all the responses we received. "Yes" includes those who are in favour as well as people who are personally against same-sex marriage but who said they will respect the national result of the survey. "It's complicated" includes those who did not want to say, some who wanted to reserve their position until they see the actual bill, and people who are considering abstaining. Those who will follow the intention of their electorate, state or make a call based on the percentage split of the survey are also classified under "It's complicated". These MPs are also likely to become Yes voters, which would increase the Yes vote in both houses. Now that Australia has said Yes... Who will vote for what ElectorateMPHow they would voteWarringahTony AbbottIt's complicated — Will "facilitate" voteGrayndlerAnthony AlbaneseYesCowanAnne AlyYesMcPhersonKaren AndrewsIt's complicated — Will follow electorate resultMenziesKevin AndrewsNoMelbourneAdam BandtYesChisholmJulia...Read more
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