'Bracing for another Brexit or Trump shock': Your predictions for the same-sex marriage result

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:53:16 AM. We know the polls have got it wrong before. Will they be right today, or are we in for another shock result? Here's what you think will happen and how you feel about it.
External Link: How many of you woke up feeling like this? Well, today's the day. At 10:00am AEDT we'll finally find out for sure how Australia feels about same-sex marriage. Will the polls be right or are we in for a shock? We asked you for your predictions and here's what you told us. Some of you are convinced it will definitely, probably be a Yes "Feeling nervous, really hoping yes wins!" — Nicola F "I'm quite apprehensive about the outcome, this is a chance for Australia to move forward with the rest of the world, however, it could also result in a major blow for human rights. I believe the vote will turn out Yes. The turnout has been strong, and enough major coverage has been garnered by that side of the debate. It would've been able to swing quite a few voters over" — Anthony J Photo: Some of you say bring on the wedding proposals! (AAP: David Crosling) But many of you are worried about the politics that will come after "I need the result to be Yes, because I don't know how to comfort the people I love if it's a No, and that's terrifying" — Lucy C "Survey will likely say Yes! Big question is what this means for our embattled PM. Can he do it? In the face of far right opposition?" — Rohan M "The inevitable is upon us: love always wins. Now it's just up to the Government to honour the will of the people" — Rob O "Excited and relieved that [Australia] will say Yes. But I'm quite concerned that we're about to see more hits to our protection laws that cover...Read more
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