Bus driver 'certain' Putney Bridge push was deliberate

Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 08:41:06 PM. Oliver Salbris thanks his quick reactions for managing to swerve and avoid a woman who was shoved into oncoming traffic in London.
By Wil Longbottom, News Reporter A bus driver who narrowly missed a woman who was knocked to the ground by a passing jogger has told Sky News he believes the collision on Putney Bridge was definitely deliberate. Oliver Salbris was at the wheel of the double-decker bus when the woman was shoved to the ground and fell into the path of his vehicle. He swerved and managed to avoid the victim at the last second as the jogger continued running along the bridge. Video: Watch as jogger 'pushes' woman in front of bus Mr Salbris said: "She fell on the floor, unfortunately her head came towards my path - it was so quick so literally I didn't have time to think about it. "I swerved and came back on the road. Luckily I didn't come out of my lane because there was traffic coming along. "Before he hit this woman, there was another man who was actually walking [across the bridge]. He didn't push this guy, but he pushed this lady. "And the fact that he didn't stop, to actually just check on the woman, because if it was accidental a person like you and me would stop and say 'oh sorry', try to check what happened." Image: Police want anyone who recognises this jogger to get in touch Mr Salbris said he stopped the bus and went to check on the victim, 33, who was crying and in shock. Passengers on his bus also came to her aid, but she was "too much in distress" to describe what had happened. The bus driver later returned to his depot and reported the incident to supervisors. The jogger made...Read more
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