'Carrie' brings prom-night massacre to life at McDaniel

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 02:54:30 PM. Students at McDaniel college perform 'Carrie: The Musical'
The musical adaptation of Stephen King’s horror classic “Carrie” is notorious for flopping on Broadway almost instantaneously. After just five public performances, the show closed to the public, leaving “Carrie” fan Josh Selzer in New York without a ticket to an eagerly anticipated show. Selzer, who now directs theater at McDaniel College, said he has been obsessed with the show for 29 years. He said after missing his chance to see it on Broadway, he began seeking out every bootleg recording he could. After rights to the show were released for public performances in 2012, and the show’s reputation started to recover, he decided it was his chance to bring this tale to life. “Carrie” is a bullied teenager raised by a mother who uses religion as an abusive tool to control her daughter. She discovers she has telekinetic abilities, uncontrollably tied to her emotional state, and by the end of the tale wreaks havoc on the classmates who tormented her. The show follows the plot of the film closely as it shares a writer with the Brian De Palma picture, Lawrence Cohen. Elements from the novel, including a narration by Carrie’s classmate, Sue, are also taken from the original King novel. One of the major challenges of producing “Carrie” is handling the telekinetic effects. “It’s so complicated,” Selzer said. “Every musical has its singing and dancing, but we also have violence and blood and effects.” Selzer said he decided not to go the route of high-technology, but rather embraced a...Read more
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