Confused by away goals? Here's how the Socceroos play-off with Honduras is poised

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:52:22 AM. Does the away goals rule knock your brain about? Here's a quick explainer of how the Socceroos' World Cup qualifying play-off is poised.
Video: The Socceroos will hope to get the job done inside 90 minutes with an outright win over Honduras. (Photo: AP/Moises Castillo) (ABC News) Does the away goals rule make your brain keel over and give you something extra to panic about ahead of a crucial Socceroos match? You're not alone. For regular football fans, especially those who follow competitions like the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, away goal calculations are second nature. But to those who value their sleep and won't be found watching Round of 32 penalty shoot-outs between Hoffenheim and Slavia Prague at the crack of sparrows, it's a metric that can trip punters up. The Socceroos face Honduras in the second leg of the intercontinental World Cup qualifying play-off tonight in Sydney, having drawn the first leg 0-0 at San Pedro Sula last Saturday morning. Here's how the tie is poised, and how that pesky away goals rule could come to the fore. So what do the Socceroos need to do tonight? For those that are time poor, the answer is simple: Australia must win the second leg to go through to the World Cup, either in 90 minutes, in extra time or in a penalty shoot-out. Be it 1-0, 2-1, 5-3, or whatever winning score line you can imagine, that's how Australia is qualifying for Russia 2018. The only way the game can go to extra time is if it is still 0-0 after 90 minutes. Only a goal-less draw will see the match go to extra time; no other score line will do. So how does Honduras progress? Well, they too...Read more
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