Detroit touts removal of 50K graffiti tags

Friday, 10 November 2017, 09:22:00 AM. Detroit officials tout removal of 50K graffiti tags under citywide beautification
Detroit — Daniel Washington stood near Linwood Street on Thursday watching as work crews sprayed away graffiti and boarded up abandoned buildings on three neighborhood corners. The 24-year-old said a blighted former housing complex and auto repair shop have plagued his Northwest Goldberg neighborhood near the Motown Museum for at least a decade.   “It’s imperative that we address these types of buildings, make sure we get them boarded up and torn down so we can bring new life into this neighborhood,” said Washington, who is a co-owner of Detroit Dough, a cookie dough cafe expected to open in the area next spring. “We’re really trying to bring back the historical importance of it.” Buy Photo Daniel Washington lives in the Northwest Goldberg neighborhood in Detroit and has dealt with the blight and graffiti for at least a decade. (Photo: Christine Ferretti / The Detroit News) As of Thursday, the city has removed 50,000 illegal graffiti tags under a citywide beautification effort that the Duggan administration launched in 2014. The effort, overseen by the city’s General Services Department staff, is the product of a Graffiti Task Force made up of the city’s police, law, administrative hearings and building departments. Since it began, the task force has arrested dozens of illegal taggers and issued more than $300,000 in tickets to owners of vacant and neglected buildings, forcing them to remove the graffiti at their own expense. When the program first launched, the city...Read more
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