Fiesta Latina: Food, music help Ridgewood, Giles students celebrate

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:25:25 AM. Students from Ridgewood High School and Giles Middle School celebrated together during their first 'Fiesta Latina' event.
Students from Ridgewood High School and Giles Middle School celebrated together last week during their first "Fiesta Latina" event. It took place on Nov. 8 as a partnership between both schools, allowing Spanish I and II students to present work and experience the culture together. At the event's opening, 10 high school students were inducted into the Spanish National Honors Society, Sociedad Honoraria Hisp√°nica. The SHH is for high school students enrolled in Spanish and/or Portuguese, highlighting their efforts in a foreign language. Monica Hansen, a Spanish teacher at Ridgewood and division head of curriculum and instruction, said she was proud of her students' hard work. "[SHH] is awarded to students who have a love of the language and have high marks in Spanish," she said. "They're taking Spanish all four years." Student inductees were called up by name, and received a candle to represent the recognition. Gabrielle Piechota, a new SHH sophomore inductee, says after speaking a second language at home, she decided to focus on adding a third to the mix. "I speak Polish at home, so being trilingual sounded really good to me," she said. "A lot of opportunities are open to you if you know more languages. With Polish, I was pushed by my parents to learn another language, and I kind of started to like it." Piechota emphasizes how important it is to learn a second language when it comes to visiting new places in the future. "I feel like it's part of the high school experience if...Read more
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