Incumbent Bob Marshall attacks Danica Roem for transgender identity in new television ad.

Thursday, 26 October 2017, 10:00:22 AM. The Republican state delegate’s spot highlights the transgender identity of his opponent in the Virginia race.
Longtime Virginia state Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), facing a well-financed challenge by Democrat Danica Roem, has released a campaign ad that highlights Roem’s transgender identity and uses old video of her band to accuse her of “lewd” and “shocking” behavior. The ad, which is posted on Facebook, is titled “Bad Judgement ,” with the word “judgment” spelled incorrectly It says Roem, a former newspaper reporter, “has no record of public service but does have a record of bad judgment. From a shocking bathroom video to lewd behavior during interviews . . . Danica is not interested in our future. Danica is interested in Danica’s future.” While it’s not the first attack ad to target Roem, the video is the first attack from Marshall. It includes a snippet from what Roem said was a five-year-old video made by her heavy-metal band, Cab Ride Home, before she began her physical gender transition. The snippet shows an unidentified man leaving a bathroom stall, which in the full music video is part of a scene that is suggestive of people having oral sex. Although that context is not clear in Marshall’s campaign ad, John Findlay, the executive director of the Virginia Republican Party, criticized Roem on Wednesday “for being featured in a video where it is clearly implied she performed group oral sex in a public restroom.” “That behavior is shocking and her appearance in the video in that role is the definition of bad judgement on Danica’s part,” Findlay said in an email....Read more
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