Lambie's colourful outbursts and passionate arguments sidelined — for now

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:50:13 AM. Jacqui Lambie is aiming to be back after a career cut short by the constitution.
Video: Look back at Jacqui Lambie's more colourful moments in parliament (ABC News) Jacqui Lambie has outlasted her political mentor Clive Palmer, as well as footy star Glen Lazarus and businessman Dio Wang, who joined the Senate with her in the Palmer United Party. In the end it was the constitution, not her political opponents, that caused this potentially temporary end to her representative career. Colourful outbursts, passionate arguments and some of the most politically incorrect comments imaginable were among her trademarks — putting her a world away from most of her more disciplined political opponents. She had described her perfect man as needing to be "well off" and "well hung" during a radio interview in 2014, then apologised if she had offended any listeners. Bust-ups and blow-ups Ms Lambie has survived some spectacular bust-ups along the way, beginning with Mr Palmer, who accused her of being ordered to infiltrate his fledgling party and "act irrationally" to "blow it up". She quit the Palmer team, set up a party named after herself, and was comfortably re-elected after the double dissolution last year. Soon Ms Lambie was in the midst of another public row with her former chief of staff Rob Messenger, who took her to court for unlawful dismissal. A letter from Mr Messenger detailed complaints about Ms Lambie taking her staff shopping for sex toys and complaining about "needing a root". She responded that there were a lot of false claims in the letter and called...Read more
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