Lincolnwood School District 74 shows off newly upgraded middle school building

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 07:23:12 AM. Lincolnwood School District 74 held an open house Tuesday, Nov. 7, to show off the renovated Lincoln Hall Middle School and the various improvements that have been made.
School District 74 unveiled its upgraded Lincoln Hall Middle School at an open house for the community — mostly parents who have children who attend there. District 74 school board President Scott Anderson told nearly 100 community members at the Nov. 7 event about a school board vote six years ago to tear down Lincoln Hall. "Several years later the community voted unanimously not to tear down this building," Anderson said, referring to a failed referendum. "We had to regroup. We had to replay what was going to happen here." Instead, School District 74 created a plan to improve its school buildings at an estimated cost of under $24 million. The work at Lincoln Hall marked the end of the second of three phases, district officials said. Some of the new improvements include a new entrance to Lincoln Hall, either upgraded or new state-of-the-art STEM labs, a library, a gymnasium, a fitness room, fine arts space, a cafeteria, other classrooms and more. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade classrooms are also separated by floor now, offering more efficiency for moving from class to class, officials said. "You will see a whole bunch of new spaces, but those spaces were borne out of a conversation that started with 'what if,'" Anderson told the visitors. Expired bonds and other timing factors meant that taxpayers did not see any increase in their property tax bills due to the renovation, he said. "I'm here to tell you that we are levying less now than we were five years ago with the...Read more
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