Mayor Duggan on soccer in Detroit: 'We're pursuing an MLS franchise'

Friday, 06 October 2017, 11:09:38 AM. Gores and Gilbert announced a joint effort in late April to bring an MLS franchise to Detroit
The City of Detroit is helping Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores lure a Major League Soccer franchise to the city, Mayor Mike Duggan confirmed Thursday. Duggan's affirmation of support in bringing a MLS franchise to Detroit came hours after the announcement of a tentative deal between the city and Wayne County to swap the massive 1.4-million-square-foot former American Motors  headquarters in Detroit in exchange for 11 acres of city-owned land needed to build a new criminal justice complex near I-75. Gilbert's Rock Ventures offered to build a $520.3-million complex for Wayne County, in exchange for the unfinished Gratiot jail site and surrounding justice buildings.   Detroit roads, parking would get $125M improvement under plan Gilbert's soccer stadium, jail proposal move forward under new deal Although the acquisition of the city-owned land was crucial in order to move Rock Ventures’ proposal forward, Duggan said the land swap is an entirely separate issue and not indicative of any progress made to build a soccer stadium at the unfinished jail site. "I would not assume that at all," Duggan said in response to a Free Press question about the deal and stadium. "We need to get an MLS franchise but in my mind, this (the land swap) has nothing to do with a soccer stadium. This is a deal that is the right thing for the criminal justice center. Where the soccer stadium is located is a second question. We're pursuing an MLS franchise but there are a number of options for that, but I really...Read more
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