Mayor Frank Jackson unveils long-term plan for tackling youth violence, expanding on successful summer programs

Sunday, 05 November 2017, 08:48:44 PM. The mayor's plan takes a community-wide holistic approach toward addressing violence among youth and young adults, meshing city programs with partners from private business and philanthropic community to lift up neighborhoods.
CLEVELAND, Ohio - Mayor Frank Jackson on Wednesday unveiled a model for tackling violence from youth and young adults that treats the problems like a health issue that the entire community must work to cure.  The approach, coordinated through the Office of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults, links city programs - recreational, education, policing, economic development and others - with efforts that will partner with the private sector, philanthropic organizations and the community as a whole.  Addressing the problems, Jackson said, is a task too big for just city government.  "Everything we've done and been successful at we've done as a community," Jackson said in an interview Wednesday. "We have all of the component parts. They're out there operating in their own silos. We have to pull them together."  The plan hopes to capitalize on efforts this summer that the city credits with reducing homicides over the summer months by 25 percent, as compared with 2016. Those programs provide an example of what can be done, Duane Deskins, chief of the youth violence intervention office, said in an interview.  You can read the plan below. Mobile users click here. How does it work?  Jackson frequently has said crime and youth violence are symptoms of greater problems.   Law enforcement is the immediate answer, Jackson said. But while policing can address the symptoms, it cannot solve the underlying problems - poverty and joblessness, deficient education,...Read more
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