Obama’s full letter to Trump leaked

Monday, 04 September 2017, 07:57:21 AM. FORMER US President Barack Obama warned incoming commander in chief Donald Trump not to get swept up in the powers of his office, according to a newly leaked letter.
“We are just temporary occupants of this office,” Mr Obama wrote in the note to Mr Trump on Inauguration Day, first published by CNN, and reported by The New York Post. “Regardless of the push and pull of daily politics, it’s up to us to leave those instruments of our democracy at least as strong as we found them.” In the letter Obama left for Trump on Inauguration Day, he lays out four points of advice https://t.co/yie6Y45JGR https://t.co/oL2y9UVV5d — CNN (@CNN) September 3, 2017 Mr Obama wrote the note in the last moments of his presidency, and it was left for Mr Trump to read once he took office. Animosity has defined the pair’s relationship for years — for instance, Mr Trump famously offered $US5 million ($6.25 million) to anyone who could produce Mr Obama’s birth certificate, because he claimed Mr Obama was born in Kenya. Since taking office Mr Trump has hammered his predecessor relentlessly, blaming Mr Obama’s tenure for the challenges he now faces in office. US President Donald Trump holds the letter left for him by former US President Barack Obama, as Vice President Mike Pence watches, before the swearing in of White House senior staff on January 22, 2017. Picture: AFP/Mandel NganSource:AFP Mr Obama’s exit memo, which begins respectfully with “Mr. President,” takes a civil tone, but notes of their interpersonal strain shade the missive. One line hints not so subtly that Mr Trump must repair the wound left by a scarring and divisive campaign battle with Hillary...Read more
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