Rachel Marsden: The myth of economic prosperity through mass immigration

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 03:28:30 PM. The idea of economic prosperity through mass immigration is a total scam, says Rachel Marsden.
PARIS -- Those of us living in Western democracies keep hearing it over and over again from our politicians: To compete economically, we must submit to mass immigration. It's long past time to dispel this destructive myth. The mass immigration con is typically peddled for the same reason that you need an accountant to help do your taxes. By tying the issue to economics, politicians are trying to make it too complex for laypeople to know when they're being scammed. While they're exploiting your human decency with their spiel about the greater economic good, these government pickpockets are reaching into your trousers (or into your bank account) for more cash. Hey, man, a gubmint’s gotta eat! U.S. President Donald Trump isn't buying it, though. I have yet to hear Mr. Trump proclaim that the recipe for American greatness is more immigration. So far, he's one of the few Western leaders to have taken any action, proposing to cut legal immigration by half in 10 years. British Prime Minister Theresa May has also taken an anti-immigration stance, but her actions have yet to match her words. French President Emmanuel Macron has talked up diversity in the past but seems to have been mugged by reality. Or maybe he just went for a walk in Paris one day. You can't stroll through the streets of this city without noticing that it has three major problems: chain-smokers, kids prone to public tantrums, and an immigration/integration disconnect. In September, Mr. Macron announced that French...Read more
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