She can’t bear to leave her kids. But she doesn’t want to be a criminal.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 07:09:28 AM. Catia Paz, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, has been given until Friday to self-deport. The Northern Virginia mother of two doesn’t know what to do.
Every night that the girls get home from soccer practice, do homework and eat dinner may be the last time they get to do this with their mom. They all know this. So every moment this week is being savored and remembered. They take extra walks together. Catia Paz’s husband cooks all of her favorite dinners. And she always agrees to read one more story to her daughters, 6 and 8, at bedtime. The worst part? None of this has to happen. Paz, 32, is facing a separation of at least 10 years from her husband and children because of political whim. And if you’ve recently supported the crackdown on immigration, please read on to see what that looks like in this small living room in Northern Virginia. Paz has until Friday to self-deport. Not because she committed a crime. She’s a high school graduate (3.1 GPA) and an active church member. She’s worked at the same Nordstrom for the past 11 years. She’s on the snack rotation of her daughter’s soccer team. She could be any suburban mom. But because she was 17 when she escaped her war-torn home town in El Salvador — not the cutoff age of 16 — even a miracle deal on the “dreamers,” those covered by the controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, wouldn’t help her. The rest of her sprawling extended family — all 65 of them — have legal status. “I know they want the bad hombres out,” Paz said, sitting in the living room of the tiny home in Woodbridge, Va., she and her husband bought last year. “I want them out, too. But I’m...Read more
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