Stolen painting worth estimated $160M found behind bedroom door

Friday, 10 November 2017, 06:06:06 PM. A stolen de Kooning painting was found after decades.
A painting appraised at $160 million is back where it belongs after it was stolen from the University of Arizona Museum Of Art more than 30 years ago in a theft that is still a mystery to investigators, according to ABC affiliate WFAA. “If this painting could talk, she would have a magnificent story to tell us,” University of Arizona Police Chief Brian Seastone told WFAA. It’s a tale that starts with a Willem de Kooning oil on canvas original called "Woman Ochre." The painting hung proudly at the university for more than 20 years before it was stolen in 1985. According to WFAA, a couple somehow talked their way into the museum before it was open for the day. The woman distracted the museum security guard while the man walked upstairs and used a blade to cut the painting from its frame. It is believed that the painting was rolled up and tucked under one of the thieves’ coats, according to WFAA. There were no surveillance cameras at the museum at the time. “It was a very traumatic event for the institution and the people that lived through it,” Meg Hagyard, UAMA interim director, told WFAA. Where did the painting go? “If you look at art across the country, the world, that’s been stolen, there’s a couple reasons it gets found,” Seastone told WFAA. “Either somebody dies and someone comes across it, it gets sold, or someone brings some information forward. One of the three happened.” After Rita and Jerome “Jerry” Alter passed away in Cliff, New Mexico, their nephew Ron Roseman...Read more
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