That cool oldtime October has been notably missing in Washington

Thursday, 12 October 2017, 10:23:43 PM. Records are set for NOT being cool.

Many regard October as a month of crisp and cool days, but in Washington, the past three days, Sunday , Monday and Tuesday, have failed to live up to the month’s standards of coolness, and have set records that recognize that absence of cool.

On Tuesday, the mercury at Reagan National Airport could never find its way below 72 degrees. In all the 146 years since records have been kept for Washington, DC, there has never before been an October 10 when it never got cooler than 72.

In fact, according to National Weather Service records, never had Washington’s temperature on October 10th failed to drop below 70 degrees, let alone 72.

On Monday, a similar record was set. On Monday, the temperature never got cooler than 74 degrees. That was a record for October 9th in Washington. In weather data going back to 1871, not once had Washington experienced an October 9 that failed to become cooler than 74 degrees.

So measured by the thermometer readings compiled over the years for October 9, Monday’s 74 degrees,could not be considered cool.

Finally comes the least cool October day of all. It was Sunday. On Sunday, the temperature at Reagan National Airport dwindled only to 75 degrees. That was certainly not cool, not by October standards.

National Weather Service records showed that every previous October 8 had been cooler in Washington than that.

Moreover, so long as records have been kept, every previous October day in Washington, whatever the date, has been cooler than Sunday.

Judged solely by how low the mercury sank, or, perhaps more precisely, didn’t sink, Sunday was the least cool October day in Washington’s recorded weather history.

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