The Brief: Turkey backs Syria rebels, Saudi-Russia ties

Sunday, 08 October 2017, 03:29:58 PM. Turkish-backed rebels launch operation in Idlib, hurricane Nate hits US, Saudi-Russia ties and more.

Here are the stories you shouldn't miss, plus the ones you should keep an eye on for Sunday:

Don't miss:

  • Turkish-backed Free Syria Army (FSA) rebels have launched a major operation in Syria's Idlib province against former al-Qaeda-linked fighters. The operation is part of the deal reached between Turkey, Syria and Iran to set up so-called "de-escalation zone" in the northwestern province. 

  • Hurricane Nate has hit the US Gulf Coast in the state of Louisiana leaving dozens dead and causing widespread flooding in central America. It comes a month after Hurricane Irma wrought havoc on Florida.

  • Saudi Arabia's King Salman wraps up his visit Moscow, after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. Investment deals worth billions of dollars have been signed, which reflects the growing Russian influence in the Middle East. Can Riyadh and Moscow be allies? Al Jazeera's Inside Story debates.

  • Israel has revoked the residency status of thousands of Palestinians living in Jerusalem. A court ruling offers hope to those who have had their residency snatched.

Looking ahead:

  • Spain's ruling People's Party has called for a mass demonstration in central Barcelona against the secession of Catalonia. Thousands are expected to attend. Counterdemonstrations are also planned. We will keep an eye on the developments. We have published Op-Eds, features and an explainer to understand the crisis in the European nation.

  • Far-right groups in the US have been emboldened since Donald Trump took oath as the president in January. We will bring you a brief dictionary of far-right terms.

  • Millions of Liberians are set to vote on Tuesday to elect a new president and lawmakers in the West African country. We will be publishing an explainer and infographic today, plus a feature on former child soldiers.

  • While much of the Central African Republic is engulfed by escalating violence between armed factions, the rebel presence in Ndele town has ushered in an unusual calm in this central African country. Seleka faction brings stability to the town but is everyone happy? Here's our ground report.

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Source: Al Jazeera News

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